Meridian Services Group performs engineering functions on an as-requested basis for our clients. In response to clients’ feedback, Meridian Services Group has a formal engineering office in Chattanooga, TN and performs the services listed as follows:

  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Engineering Scoping 
  • Third Party Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Alternative Analysis

These engineering services can be provided as stand‐alone products or can be integrated into our existing estimate portfolio of services, depending on client needs.

Engineering Team

Meridian Services Group assembled senior engineers that have performed large and complex engineering projects around the country. These engineers work directly with clients to ensure that the engineering scope and conceptual design are all‐inclusive and will work for clients’ specific needs.

Conceptual Engineering & Estimating

Meridian Services Group understands that a project without the proper foundation has a much higher chance of failure.  We provide our clients with tools and information to build that sturdy project foundation, the first step in proactively mitigating long-term potential risks.  Conceptual engineering scope development is an important aspect of any project requiring design.  Meridian Services Group offers a Conceptual Engineering & Estimate Package.  This package includes conceptual design, a conceptual Class IV-V estimate, a constructability review, a schedule, and cash flow curves.  The package can be customized or truncated at the client’s request.