Scope Development & Cost Estimating


Meridian Services Group believes that the project estimate is the foundation of an effective project controls program and set out in 2006 to develop a comprehensive capability to provide good up-front independent estimates for major projects.  With multiple early successes Meridian Services Group decided to open an office in Chattanooga, Tennessee dedicated to the continuous improvement and advancement of our estimating process. In the fall of 2007 we opened the doors of our Chattanooga Center for Estimating Excellence. Today, after 12 years of continuous refinement and numerous clients our estimating process and capability to deliver our services represent the current State of the Art.

The Meridian Services Group Estimate Development Process

  • Works for all projects – conceptual to design issued – all phases
  • Provides truly independent results
  • Estimators have relevant field experience
  • Structured and disciplined process
  • Detailed & well documented scope development
  • We estimate the whole project
  • Accurate pricing through research
  • Identifies and evaluates the risks
  • Determines contingency & reserve needs
  • Professionally packaged (Executive & working reports)
  • Produces a real baseline document for effective project controls and change management
  • Estimate details provided in working reports formatted to your specifications
  • Your WBS, schedule activity, commodity or other coding applied

Our 8 Step Process

  • Step 1 – Project Data Collection & Review
  • Step 2 – Site visit and Walkdown
  • Step 3 – Detailed Scope Development
  • Step 4 – Line Item input to WinEstimator®
  • Step 5 – Unit Rate & Pricing Application
  • Step 6 – Peer, Mgmt & Client Reviews
  • Step 7 – Risk analysis
  • Step 8 – Final Report & Presentation